Wednesday, April 6, 2011

iPhone 5 : Special features

iphone 5 features

The iPhone 5 is the iPhone which many Apple fans want to have a killer feature set. It is the iPhone which should cover any gaps at the moment and solve any issues in the actual design of the 4. Here is our top list of what the iPhone 5 should have as a feature set – and no, we didn’t include flash.

Features the iPhone 5 WILL have

Below are 5 key features which the iPhone 5 will have. We have built this list based on 2011 Smartphones from numerous manufacturers such as Samsung and HTC, and looking at these manufacturers handsets one thing is certain; Apple will undoubtedly include these into it’s upcoming update to the iPhone 4.

Feature number 1: New Design / Unibody Enclosure
iphone 5 unibody
From plastic to glass to unibody aluminium, this is the transition we want the iPhone 5 to have this time around, much like their latest Macbook series of computers.
We all know how beautiful a handset looks in unibody as we have all pretty much laid eyes on the HTC Legend which is possibly the greatest looking smartphone ever made. Whats more, and being unibody, the iPhone 5 would be one of the toughest handsets around, unlike the current iPhone 4, which is easily smashable from a large drop.

Feature number 2: NFC Technology Integration

We want the iPhone 5 to have NFC iWallet Technology (link goes to TB post), a feature which we covered earlier in the year surrounding the iPhone 5.  This feature is such a high possibility because Benjamin Vigier, the man behind NFC, was employed by Apple earlier in the year; what’s more, the Google Nexus S has NFC built in.
NFC Technology would allow you to pay for everything from cake to clothes by waving your iPhone 5 across a dedicated reader. Many stores already have PayWave readers in place thanks to similar tech being embedded in credit and debit cards.

Feature number 3: Home Screen Customization / widgets

iPhone 5 Lock Screen
The iPhone 5 should have home screen widgets or some form of added customization options available. This feature doesn’t have the highest probability of happening due to Apple’s genuine philosophy for simplicity, but who exactly likes a standard digital format clock as their home screen?
I think I speak for a lot of iPhone users we I say we want to have widgets on our home screen or lock screen just like Android handsets have; in fact, any form of extra customisation would be appreciated, Apple.

Feature number 4: An updated stock Photo Gallery

This is another software update we want to see, and an update to the ‘Photos’ App is inevetable at some point. The current version of the app gives you a folder, which is touchable, and then opens so you have all your photo’s in a grid, which when clicked, allows you to swipe to see the next one.
This makes the iPhone’s gallery app obsolete compared to Android’s 3D Gallery which got mass press once released on the Nexus One.

Feature number 5: A faster Dual-core processor

The current chip in the iPhone 4 is a very decent processor for a smartphone indeed, in fact, it is the exact same processor as is in the iPad. However, with the latest release of the HTC HD which sports the next generation of Snapdragon processor, the iPhone 5 (if it sported the A4) would be, well, slow on paper – and that isn’t good, because Apple is all about paper.

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